Afsluitdijk is a short film written and directed by Ewoudt Boonstra. He came up with the script when he was driving down The Afsluitdijk, the world's longest causeway, and heard a radio programme about the introduction of the term 'fake news'. This made him think that if he made a film about The Afsluitdijk, he could turn it into anything he wanted. And so he did. Mixing tennis with easter eggs, Mr. Boonstra created a film that has been screened at film festivals across the globe.
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Production: Mr. Frank
Director: Ewoudt Boonstra
Sofie Lely: Romy de Vries
Director of Photography: Wouter Verbekt
Titles and Motion Design: Anthony Burrill and Paul Plowman
Styling: Mariëlla Kallenberg
Sound Design: Rimer London
Editor: Will Judge
Post Production: Captcha 
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