Pregnant Studios

Pregnant Studios is founded by Mr. Boonstra. Pregnant Studios is pregnant with ideas and finds no bigger joy than seeing ideas born.

Pregnant Studios is in the epicentre of crossroads of creative collaboration and has worked with some of the world's best visual artists.

Pregnant Studios offers Creative Direction and Film Production tapping from a highly professional network.

Pregnant Studios has been commisionned by Nike, Frozen Dutch Ice cream and Converse and has collaborated on music videos with Dutch artist Parra's band Le Le and Dekmantel.

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Mr. Boonstra is a Creative Director and Film Maker. He picked up big brand creative accolades at hotshot places like KesselsKramer and Wieden+Kennedy Portland where he worked for some of the biggest and most creative brands in the world.

Mr. Boonstra loves to sprinkle well rounded stories with wit, quirky illustrations and designs. He is known to label his style of work as 'poetic pragmatism' and likes to make fashionable work with a wink of the eye.

Mr. Boonstra's work have been shown in The Hammer in Los Angeles, during TED talks in Vancouver and on The VPRO, the Dutch public channel in his homeland, The Netherlands. He is a frequent contributer to It's Nice That and Nowness. He uses his cinematic brush to both paint moving pictures in advertising as in the personal field.

Mr. Boonstra is 6"6, just like Michael Jordan. He is married and has two kids, just like Michael Jordan. He has no NBA Championship rings but he does have size 13, just like Michael Jordan. No, he is not obsessed with Michael Jordan.

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