Styrofoam People

Styrofoam People - Le Le

A music video for Le Le.
Commissioned by Magnetron Records

Styrofoam People is a new video by Mr. Boonstra for the international electro-pop band Le Le. The video is about the making of a faux interactive concert preformed by Parra inspired Le Le robots. Styrofoam People premiered as film of the day on NOWNESS.


“Styrofoam People” is directed by the group’s long time collaborator and equally out there filmmaker Mr. Boonstra, who for the first time ever created dancing, robot sculptures out of Parra’s acclaimed imagery. NOWNESS


Concept and Directing

Mr Boonstra

Pregnant Studios

Production Company: Halal
Code: Next Empire
Animatronics: Random
DOP: Jeroen de Bruin
Art dept: Meike Sier
Styling: Mariella Kallenberg
Editor: Will Judge
Sound Design: Rimer London
Line Producer: Christine Anderton
Production Manager: Lisa Snoek
First AD: Jesse Schouw
Robot Programmer: Mike Pelletier
Robot Technician: Barnaby Monk
Gaffer: Maarten van der Pluijm
Grip: Mike Laureys
Set Photography: Milan Boonstra




Make one of the robots talk on


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