Pretzel - Short Film

"Everyone has a great idea — until the Internet happens". 

Pretzel was shortlisted for The Young Director Award in Cannes 2016. 
Pretzel was selected for FLUX at The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and at the TED Dream talks in Toronto, Cananda.


Kudos to director Ewoudt Boonstra for the incredible amount of effort he must have put in to this great-looking, New Wave-aping short, all for the impressively slight pay-off of a knowingly silly joke about everything having been done already. Bathos has never looked so good.

“Pretzel is a film about beer, pretzels, ideas and the internet,” reads the subtitle to Ewoudt Boonstra’s new film, like it’s as simple and as understated as that. And it kind of is, but as one and a half minute musings in black and white go it’s so perfectly executed and well timed, narrated by a gravelly voiced Scotand acted out by a fresh beautiful young thing, that we think it deserves some glory.
It's Nice That

Written and Directed by

Mr Boonstra
Pregnant Studios

Josephine: Lizzy Ebeling Koning
Production Company: Halal
DOP: Jeroen de Bruin
Art dept: Marieke Winters
Styling: Mariella Kallenberg
Make-up: Chris Völkers
Editor: Will Judge
Sound Design: Diederik Idenburg
Line Producer: Christine Anderton
Production Manager: Lisa Snoek
First AD: Jesse Schouw
Focus Puller: Luuk Schmitz
Data: Boris Suyderhoud
Gaffer: Arthur Vis
Electrician: Erwin Smit
PA: Annelieke Bezemer
PA: Lonni de Groot
Colourist: Matthieu Toullet
Online Artist: Dirk Riesenfeld
Voice-over: Alexander Paton



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