Innocent Targets

Innocent Targets - 

There are an estimated 18,000 shooting ranges operating in America today. Many of these shooting ranges sell custom targets featuring thugs, terrorists, aliens and zombies.The painfully ironic truth is that the real targets of gun violence aren't these fictional "bad guys" but rather our real-life friends, neighbors, co-workers and children.

Innocent Targets is a reminder of the thousands of lives lost to the deadly gun culture in America and a call-to-action to help us put an end to it.

The posters are available for purchase here with proceeds going to The Coalition To Stop Gun Violence.


A team of designers has created a series of gun-range targets that swap terrorists and zombies for everyday people to highlight the most common victims of gun violence in the US.
The Guardian


Concept and Creative Direction

Mr. Boonstra
Pregnant Studios

Design: Anthony Burrill 
Photography: Robbie Augspurger
Writer: Zack McDonald
Shooting Range Photo: Paul D Scott
Web Shop Design: Everywhere
Poster Printing: Generation Press



‚ÄčInnocent Targets on show in The Protein Gallery in London.

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