Butt X-Ray

Butt X-Ray is a short film.
Commissioned by Aernoud Bourdrez

Butt X-ray is a true story about Aernoud Bourdrez, a copyright lawyer, who traded his Mercedes 420 SEC for the Butt X-ray from Jackass: The Movie.



"Ewoudt Boonstra and Ambassadors have made a short film about an x-ray of a toy car in a butt. It’s rather wonderful."


Written and directed by

Mr. Boonstra

Pregnant Studios

Editor: Will Judge
Animations: Ambassadors
Music: Rimer London
Narrator: Alex Paton



The world premiere of Butt X-ray took place in a blacked out Mercedes 420 SEC, effectively creating a four person cinema, 
the smallest cinema in Amsterdam.

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