Mr. Boonstra
Pregnant Studios
+31 6 57 58 60 51

Photo: Christian Weber


Pregnant Studios is an Amsterdam based film and design studio. The studio creates creative content by means of art direction, creative direction, design and film direction for both personal work and comissioned assignments.

Mr. Boonstra has collaborated with various global brands such as Nike, Levi's, Google, Converse, Diesel and helped a wide range of local brands with their communication. 

Mr. Boonstra's work has been in exhibitions in various cities such as Amsterdam, Portland, Barcelona, Arles, London and New York.

Mr. Boonstra previously worked at KesselsKramer, Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, 72 and Sunny in Los Angeles and Anomaly Amsterdam.

"Really playful portfolio of work from modern creative Mr. Boonstra."
It's Nice That


After working for some of the best clients in the world at some of the best agencies in the world, Mr. Boonstra decided to start a creative content boutique after the likes of Paul Rand and Saul Bass and decided to name it Pregnant.

Pregnant is a boutique that specializes in nothing and wants to excel in everything.

A shop that seamlessly blends commercial and non-commercial art.
A place that takes pride in seeing communication as entertainment. Where communication is, without a question, considered to be an art form. A place with modern solutions to modern questions.



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